Basic Structure of Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixer is composed of mixing device, transmission system, loading system, water supply system, frame and outrigger and electric control system. It is also including concrete mixer cover, mixing drum, end sealing device, lining plate and discharging door lubrication system. 1. Mixing device: mixing drum, mixing shaft, mixing arm, mixing blades and side blade. In the mixing drum is equipped with horizontal mixing shaft, there is Diesel concrete pump china manufacturers installed mixing blade are on each shaft. The side blade in the mixing arm can scrape off the concrete in the mixing drum and change the flow direction of concrete. 2. Transmission system: this system can be divided into mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission. Transmission system consists of electric motor, pulley, reducer and open gear. 3. Loading system: it is mainly including winch, feeding frame, hopper, feeding hopper and pulley. 4. Water supply system: this system has electric motor, water pump, throttle valve and pipeline. When starting water pump, the water will be filled into mixing drum, the water flow can be controlled by valve and the total water supply is controlled by time relay. When the button is in “time control” position, the water pump will run and stop according to the time relay. When button is in “hand movement” position, the water supply system can supply water continuously. 5. Frame and outrigger. 6. Electric control system.

Superior Concrete Mixer Is Suitable for Yourself

When you use concrete mixer you will find whether the equipment is suitable for yourself. There are many purchasing tips and judging ways for the concrete mixer. First of all, we must understand one point when choosing concrete mixer: good concrete mixer does not mean good quality and expensive price. As an old saying goes, the one that fits you is the best for you. Here, dasion Machinery will introduce the differences of mixing materials and the mixing speed of concrete mixer to you. Concrete mixer has many kinds and types, so it is difficult to find a suitable one. Therefore, when choosing concrete mixer, we should confirm the different materials firstly. Some materials are dry powders, some are liquids, and some are hybrids. When you determine the material you need, you can narrow the scope. price of concrete mixer in nigeria for sale Secondly, we should have a good knowledge about mixing speed of concrete mixer. Certainly, the faster the mixing speed is, the higher its productivity is. Otherwise, the lower productivity will has bad effect on the project’s schedule. In construction projects, the choice of concrete mixer is very important. Only by choosing a suitable concrete mixer, can you multiply the effectiveness of your own efforts. dasion Machinery can remanufacture the concrete mixer according to your requirements to satisfy your need to the greatest extent.

One Successful Case of JS500 about Thailand

JS500 is a concrete mixer with double horizontal shafts and the shafts adopt high-rigidity and high-tenacity wearable cast alloy steel to prolong the service time. On August 25, 2014, a set of dasion JS500 concrete mixer was sent abroad, and it was exported to Thailand that time.

Operation Tips of Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer in Winter

As we know, the reversing drum concrete mixer is that the concrete is mixed in the mixing drum, so the mixing drum is of great importance for reversing drum concrete mixer, and a good maintenance is indispensable. It is very clod in winter, especially in North. But the diesel engine concrete mixer has to work in cold winter, so how to protect the mixing drum? Now, we will tell users some simple maintenance tips. In cold winter, the water is easy to freeze, and the ice will be posted on portable concrete mixer drum wall which damages the mixing drum wall in a certain degree. So, in winter, it is better to ensure there is no water in the mixing drum. Not only the water is easy to freeze, but also the concrete is easy to freeze. It is difficult to clean if there is frozen concrete on the mixing drum wall, Germany concrete pumps manufacturer and if the concrete is accumulated which will cause certain influence to the work of the concrete mixer. So, after work of reversing drum concrete mixer, timely eliminate the remaining concrete in the mixing drum with water. In winter, usually it snows, if you can not put your diesel engine concrete mixer indoor, you should cover the portable concrete mixer if it snows, and timely eliminate the snow after the weather is fine.

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