Recently, the overseas media exposure McLaren BP23s first notice map, this new three ultra-run by McLaren personalized customization department MSO custom build, using McLarens latest hybrid technology driver, model code in the "BP2" means this is the second custom product from MSO, and "3" represents its three seats. The launch of the car aims to pay tribute to the classic sports car McLaren F1 t28 turbo, also produced only 106 units. McLaren BP23 is expected to be officially released in 2019, the future will replace McLaren P1, as McLarens flagship model. McLaren BP23 is located in a hyper-GT (hyper-GT level higher than the regular super sports car), the owner will be based on customer loyalty to the brand loyalty and car way to choose, with the Ford GT sales The pattern is similar. The current McLaren official has sent a confirmation letter to the 106 owners who have successfully ordered the run, and in the letter show the first trade mark of McLaren BP23 gt28 turbo. As you can see from the notice, McLaren BP23 continues McLarens smooth body lines, and a lot of aerodynamics is also looking forward to its dynamic performance. In the car, McLaren gt28 turbo for sale for the three layout of a more humane adjustment, the drivers seat to maintain the regular size of super sports car, both sides of the passenger seat size is slightly smaller, but enough to meet the adult ride. The purpose of this design is to make the driver into the cockpit more easily.